Momoto Flamingo Coffee1 Kg


The flamingo is a highly sociable and communicative aquatic bird; it travels vast distances in large groups. Sus plumas se han usado como representaciones de nobleza y creatividad. Flamingo Coffee is decaffeinated using only natural water saturation so it maintains its original properties and essence.

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Flamingo is one of the best-decaffeinated coffees you can find. It’s got great flavor and intensity; Sweet Chocolate with smooth spice tones. It uses the cleanest and healthy method for decaffeination; no chemicals or other substances used at all. You wouldn’t believe its water processed judging it by its flavor and body.

  • Species: Arabica
  • Origin: México
  • Roast: Dark
  • Technology: Fluidized bed
  • Decaffeination: Water Washed
  • Height: 1100 + masl
  • Specialty: 81+
  • Presentation: Beans or Ground
  • Recommended For: Any coffee-based beverages
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