Momoto Flamingo Coffee 100g

$ 3.00

Flamenco is a very sociable and communicative bird; They travel long distances in large groups. Their feathers have been used as representations of nobility and creativity. Our Flamingo Coffee is decaffeinated using only natural water saturation so it maintains its original properties and essence.

  • Beans
  • Ground

Flamingo is one of the best decaffeinated coffees that can be founded. It has an exquisite taste and intensity. It is processed by water saturation method, wich is the best method for that, does not involve chemicals or other substances. because of its flavor, you won’t believe it’s decaffeinated.

• Species: Arabica
• Origin: Mexico
• Bake: Medium Dark
• Technology: Fluid Bed
• Decaffeination Method: Water Saturation
• Height: 1100 + masl
• Specialty: 81+
• Presentation: Beans or Ground
• Recommended for: Coffee-based drinks


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