Salomodrín Coffee


We all need a little push every day to take that step towards our dream life. Wheter it’s about becoming a better person, better at business, or just better at enjoying life, this requires us to always be ready!

SVIPE COFFEE is the perfect kickstart to get your day started exactly like that. The natural energy that our coffee that our coffee beans provide your brain with and gives you the right amount of fuel to power your mind to do anything!

We roast our delicious coffee beans in paradise, in small 10kg lots, with no rush, in Mérida, Yucatán. Always under strict supervision of our Master Roaster, to ensure a cup full of flavor, body, and acidity that reflects our passion for the best coffee of my beautiful contry.

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Salomondrin Coffee has the international certifications of Organic Quality and Fair Trade of Certimex, Sagarpa Orgánico, USDA.

Salomondrin Coffee has a dark bake, strong body, its sweet tones and chocolates stand out, but maintaining its sophistication to appreciate the great quality of its grains and enjoy the fruit acidity, with a slight cinnamon flavor.

• Species: Arabica

• Origin: México

• Bake: Dark

• Technology: Fluid bed

• Organic certification:  Organic Certification: Certimex, Sagarpa Organic, USDA Organic.

• Height: 1100 + masl

• Specialty: 84+

• Presentation: Beans or Ground

• Recommended for: Espresso-based drinks

Weight .340 kg


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