We are a 100% Mexican enterprise with a serious commitment and passion for high-quality coffee. We focus our energy in the search of the best organic coffee beans Mexico can offer.

In Momoto we deal directly with the people that work the fields with fair and balanced business practices; this allows us to get the best high- altitude, handpicked Arabica variations. Patience, love and knowledge go hand in hand with our state-of-the-art roasting technology and fresh whole beans.

The result is a great blend of Mexico’s finest organic specialty coffee, skillfully roasted and offered with the same excellence in service as all our processes.

The Mayan Legend of the Toh and the Ziú Birds

One day Chaac the rain god called upon all the birds of the jungle and asked for their help to save the seeds from a big fire. The Toh was a beautiful and wise bird; the Ziu was strong and disciplined.
As they arrived where the seeds where, the fire was very strong; the Ziu crossed through the flames to save the corn seeds and the Toh found and rescued the green tomato seeds using meticulous patience.

As both birds returned the most important seeds to where Chaac awaited they were given special gifts. The Ziu got his black feathers and bright red eyes so that everybody would remember his bravery. The Toh got its green beautiful fathers to remind everyone he saved the green tomato.

In Momoto Café we take the beauty of the Tho and the strength of the Ziu in order to give our clients an elegant and refined product through the discipline and audacity of our service to guarantee the satisfaction of the whole Momoto Café experience.

The Momoto Team

Momoto Café´s origins come from a group of friends with different talents in which we share a great enthusiasm for the culture of specialty coffee and in this manner we aim to promote internationally the excellent coffee Mexico has to offer. At the same time, we encourage organic food, fair trade, and environmental protection principles as these are an important aspect of our values.


Of Momoto

Jorge Solís Letayf
managing director

Lourdes Solís Letayf
Sales and commercial

Gustavo Abad
production and quality control

Gustavo Calcines
marketing and digital strategy