Momoto Puma Coffee 1 Kg


Puma or mountain lion is associated with the sun, wisdom and healing powers are attributed to it. Our baked Puma takes the balance and finesse of this feline highlighting its brilliance and full-body, accentuating its chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel nuances to give you an experience of charm and sweet intensity.

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Puma coffee has the international certifications of Organic Quality and Fair Trade of Certimex, Sagarpa Orgánico, USDA.

Puma coffee has a dark bake, strong body, sweet tones, and chocolates stand out but maintaining its sophistication to appreciate the great quality of its grains and enjoy the fruit acidity, with a slight cinnamon flavor. Recommended for: Espresso-based drinks

  • Species: Arabica
  • Origin: México
  • Roast: Dark
  • Technology: Fluidized bed
  • Organic Certification: Certimex, Sagarpa Organic, USDA Organic.
  • Height: 1100 + masl
  • Specialty: 84+
  • Presentation: Beans or Ground
  • Recommended for: Espresso-based drinks
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